How do I use Mailman for my mailing lists?

Our Web hosting accounts include the powerful Mailman mailing list software preinstalled. Mailman can be used to create group discussion lists or announcement-only lists.

How do I create a Mailman mailing list?

You can use a simple list creation screen to set up a new mailing list.

How do I manage a Mailman mailing list?

You can manage your mailing list by going to a special page in your Web browser.

How do I send a message to my Mailman list?

You can send a message to your list using your normal mail program, sending to a special address.

How can my visitors subscribe themselves to a list?

Visitors can subscribe using a Web page or by sending an e-mail message.

How do I add new subscribers to my list?

You can manually use the Mailman pages to "invite" new recipients to join your list. When you do so, Mailman verifies each address for you.

How do I change or reset the password for a Mailman mailing list?

You can change or reset a Mailman mailing list password using the account management control panel.

How do I allow HTML messages to be sent to a Mailman list?

You can allow HTML messages to be sent to your Mailman mailing list by turning off "content filtering".

How do I allow attachments to be sent to a Mailman list?

You can allow attachments to be sent to your Mailman mailing list by turning off "content filtering".

Why do I suddenly see a large number of bounces on my Mailman list?

You may occasionally be notified that a large number of undeliverable addresses have been unsubscribed at once.

Why do my subscribers get unwanted “Verify your removal” messages?

This usually happens when a subscriber accidentally sends his or her personalized unsubscribe link to all the other subscribers.

Why do I see "The results of your email command" messages from Mailman?

Turning off the “Send welcome message to newly subscribed members” option can cause this problem.

How can I view or export all members of my mailing list?

Explains how to view or export all members of a Mailman list.

One of my subscribers keeps sending automated messages to the list, resulting in a loop. How do I stop it?

This topic explains several ways to stop automated mailing list loops.

How do I change information for a Mailman subscriber?

You can change member names, e-mail addresses and subscription options in the Membership Management section of the Mailman administration pages.

What does Mailman's "mod" (moderation) checkbox do?

Mailman's "mod" checkbox controls who can post messages to a list.

What does Mailman's "digest" checkbox do?

Mailman's "digest" option allows list members to receive several messages grouped together.

What is Mailman's "full personalization" option?

"Full personalization" controls the "To" header of the message that list subscribers receive.

Why don't Gmail users get copies of their own list messages?

If someone with a Gmail address posts a message to a mailing list, the message won't show up in their own Gmail "Inbox".

Why doesn't one of my subscribers receive copies of his or her own messages sent to the list?

Mailman's "nodupes" option can sometimes prevent subscribers from receiving copies of their own messages.

Can I change the appearance of the Mailman archives?

Although the default appearance of the archives can't be changed, advanced users can use their own software to create archives.

Are there limits on Mailman archives?

The archive system supports up to 30,000 messages per list and provides searching in English text.

Can I download Mailman’s raw archive (“.mbox”) file?

You can download copies of the Mailman “.mbox” file from our backup system.

How do I delete previously saved Mailman list archives?

We can manually delete archives upon request.

Do you provide "Mailman only" hosting?

We don’t provide Mailman list hosting unless we handle all the e-mail for the same domain name.

Can I make Mailman use the domain name of an alias?

You can set the domain name Mailman uses to match a domain name alias.

Why was a "multipart/related" message incorrectly filtered by Mailman?

Some mail programs incorrectly create "multipart/related" messages that will be filtered by Mailman.

Why does Mailman show errors about an "implicit destination"?

This happens when messages are forwarded or BCC:ed to the list address.

Why do the unsubscribe “footers” appear as attachments for some recipients?

This can happen when non-plaintext messages are sent to a list that has content filtering turned off.