How do I create a Mailman mailing list?

Our Web hosting accounts include the powerful Mailman mailing list software preinstalled. Mailman can be used to create group discussion lists or announcement-only lists.

Although setting up a Mailman mailing list has traditionally been a complicated task, we have a simple list creation screen that takes care of most of the details for you.

The number of mailing list messages you can send each month depends on your Web hosting plan, which is shown at

To create a mailing list:

You'll be asked a few simple questions about how you plan to use your mailing list, and our servers will take care of the details of creating the list for you.

(If you're a Mailman expert and you want to know of what the wizard does, this page has the details.)

Mailing list limits

There are two limits on mailing lists: the total number of lists you can use and the total number of messages delivered per month. The limits are shown on our plans page. Even our smallest plan includes tens of thousands of message deliveries per month.

The number of message deliveries is simply the number of list subscribers multiplied by the number of messages sent. For example, a group discussion list with 100 subscribers and 150 messages sent per month would result in 15,000 message deliveries.

Mailing lists and bulk mail

Keep in mind that you may not use our mailing list service to send unsolicited bulk email. We have a strict anti-spam policy that prohibits this.