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Contacting us by email

If you prefer to contact us by email instead of using the Web form, you can do so:

Please be sure to include all the information shown in the ticket form above so we can respond quickly.

Contacting us by telephone

Our primary means of technical support is by opening a ticket or sending us email, as described above (here’s why).

However, if you have an emergency that you have been unable to resolve by first opening a ticket or sending us an email message, you can reach us by telephone at .

Please always open a ticket first and give us a chance to respond. If we don’t resolve it promptly, tell us the ticket number when you call (from the automated response you received when you opened a ticket or sent us an email message).

Our normal live, immediate telephone support hours are 9-5 Pacific time, Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). Most calls are answered immediately during this time; if all our staff are helping other customers, you may be asked to leave a message and we'll respond with a prompt callback.

Outside these hours, telephone calls are handled as if you’d opened a ticket above: our staff monitor them for urgent issues and will provide a prompt callback or email response within our normal time-sensitive ticket turnaround times.

Contacting us by fax

Our fax number is . This number is toll free within the US and billed as a normal international call from other countries.

Our postal address

If you need to send a check or money order payment, or contact us by paper mail for any other reason, our postal address is:

Tiger Technologies LLC
PO Box 7596
Berkeley CA 94707
United States

Our status page

If you want to check if we’re aware of any technical problems or performing scheduled maintenance, our status page will help. We recommend you bookmark that page: it’s hosted by a third party and will work even if you have trouble reaching our servers.


Our Twitter account is @TigerTech. We post announcements there, but please don’t use it to get support, because it’s difficult to help in 280 characters. Use the form above.

When can I expect a response?

Our support staff aren’t backlogged like most companies. When you contact us, you’ll receive a prompt answer from a real person.

In particular, if you’re an existing customer who writes to us with a time-sensitive question before 5 PM Pacific time (8 PM Eastern), you’ll receive a real reply from a human being the same day, every day of the year.

For questions that aren’t time-sensitive, such as billing issues or sales questions, you’ll receive a response within one business day or less.

What we can help with (and what we can’t)

We offer free support for any issue that’s directly related to your account or the way our servers are set up. For example, if you’re having trouble publishing files to our servers, or you have a question about your email service, or your website isn’t working as you expect, or you want to know if our servers meet the requirements of a certain script you want to install, just let us know.

Like all Web hosting companies, we unfortunately can’t offer free help for general issues that aren’t specific to your account or our servers. For example, we can’t help you design your website or provide assistance troubleshooting bugs in scripts you install — those are the kinds of things that a Web designer or programmer would normally handle.