How do I cancel my hosting service?

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Your Web hosting and email service with us continues until you cancel it, like a newspaper subscription or telephone service.

To cancel your service:

  1. Login to the “My Account” control panel
  2. Click Billing and Contact Information
  3. Click Cancel Hosting Service and follow the instructions.

Canceling the hosting service will stop the monthly billing from us. You can cancel at any time; we don't have fixed-term contracts, and if you cancel in the middle of a month, you'll only be charged for the partial month. If you prepaid and still have a credit balance, you'll receive a refund of the unused balance.

Keeping your domain name

Most customers register their domain names through our company (as well as using us for hosting service). If you did so, you'll usually be given the choice of abandoning the domain name completely or keeping it for other uses.

If you abandon the domain name, you won't be charged anything for it, but it will be made available for other people to register. You won't be able to change your mind if someone else takes it.

If you keep the domain name, you can park it, redirect it, make it a domain name alias, or use it with another Web hosting company. The domain name will be converted to a domain name only account with us at our domain name rates.