Do you charge Web hosting cancellation fees?

There are no charges to cancel your Web hosting service, and you can do so at any time: you aren't locked into a fixed-term contract.

We don't believe in holding our customers hostage. Even if you choose to prepay your hosting fees for a year, you will receive a refund for the unused portion if you cancel before the year is up. In fact, you could cancel after one day and you’d get an automatic refund for the other 364 days. You don’t even need to ask for it.

Because we don't charge any signup or cancellation fees, or require fixed-term contracts, it's easy to try our service with no risk and make sure it's what you need.

Keeping your domain name after canceling Web hosting

If you cancel your Web hosting service but keep a domain name that's registered with us — for example, because you're planning to use the domain name with another Web hosting company — we'll switch your account to our "domain name only" plan.

In that case, we'll charge you a prorated amount for the remainder of the year (because domain names can only be registered in one-year increments). That prorated fee is not for Web hosting service — in fact, it's the opposite. It pays for the domain name during the period that you aren't going to be paying us hosting fees.

For example, if you canceled a .com domain after nine months of Web hosting, and you wanted to keep the domain name for use with another Web hosting company, we would charge you one-quarter of the annual "domain name only" fee to cover your ownership of the domain name until it expires in three months' time (you can renew it then, of course).

The domain name fee only applies if you want to keep the domain name registered with us when you cancel or transfer your hosting service. If you decide you want to stop using the domain name completely, or you transfer the domain name elsewhere before canceling the hosting, there’s usually no domain name fee at all.

The only exceptions are if the retail price for that domain name registration is a “premium” domain name costing more than the price of a “.com” domain name (currently $16.92), or if you “abandon” more than three domain names within 90 days. In those cases, we’ll charge the "domain name only" registration fee mentioned above to cover the unusual costs involved.