Do you charge setup fees for a Web hosting account?

We're different: unlike most web hosting companies, we never charge any kind of setup fee, even for month-to-month service.

And because we don't charge cancellation fees or lock you into a long-term contract, your experience with our company is risk free. If you sign up with us today and cancel your service in ten days, you’ll pay nothing except the few dollars we charge for tens days of service, even if you don't use our money back guarantee.

Why do I see a small fee at the end of my first month after signing up?

If you choose month-to-month payment instead of annual prepayment, we bill you for hosting service at the end of each calendar month.

If you signed up in the middle of a calendar month, you’ll only pay for the part of the month you used.

So if you sign up halfway through a calendar month, your first “monthly payment” will be for half of our normal monthly fee. It’s not a signup fee: it’s simply your normal hosting fee, prorated to make sure you aren’t charged for more than you used.