Changing Your Service

This section explains how to change or cancel your service.

How do I change to another Web hosting plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your Web hosting plan by sending us an e-mail message.

How do I cancel my hosting service?

You can cancel your hosting service through the customer control panel. If you wish, you'll be able to convert your domain name to a parked, aliased or redirected domain name.

How do I change the ownership of an account or domain name?

You can change the ownership of an account by modifying the “legal owner” contact to specify a new company, organization or individual.

How do I transfer my hosting service to another Web hosting company?

You can transfer your hosting to another company using the account management control panel.

Add-On Hosting

Describes our “Add-On Hosting” plan.

How do I switch between annual and monthly billing?

You can switch between annual prepayment and monthly billing using the account management control panel.

Can I change my Web hosting domain name?

You can switch your Web hosting to a new domain name at no extra cost by signing up for the new domain name and canceling the old one.

Switching Between Web Hosting and Domain Name Only Service

You can easily switch your domain name between Web hosting and "domain name only" services.