Switching Between Web Hosting and Domain Name Only Service

You can easily switch your domain name between hosting and "domain name only" services.

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Switching from “Domain Name Only” to hosting service

If you have a “Domain Name Only” account and would like to switch it to a hosting account that includes website and/or email service:

  1. Login to the “My Account” control panel
  2. Click Add Hosting Service

We’ll even give your account a prorated credit for the unused portion of the “Domain Name Only” service you previously paid us for but didn’t use. We do this because domain name registration and renewal are included at no extra charge with any Tiger Technologies hosting plan.

Switching from hosting to “Domain Name Only” service

If you currently have a hosting account with us and wish to switch it to a “Domain Name Only” account, simply follow the hosting cancellation procedure for your account. This will stop the automatic recurring hosting charges but allow you to keep the domain name itself in a “parked” state.

After canceling hosting service, you can choose to use it with another web hosting company, redirect it to another page, etc., because you’ll still own it.