About Domain Name Only Service

While most of our customers choose Web hosting packages, you can also buy domain names from us without Web hosting service. Use the additional domain names to point to websites you have with us, use them with another company, or just "park" them to make sure that nobody else uses them.

A domain name is your own permanent, memorable address on the Internet.

Domain names are generally free if you have Web hosting service with us; otherwise, there's an annual fee.

It usually takes less than an hour from the time you fill out the form.

If you register a domain name to use with another company's Web hosting service, you'll need to know the names of two DNS name servers.

We offer registrations for several types of domain names.

Our control panel allows you to view and make changes to your domain name settings, including your contact information, DNS nameservers, domain name locking, and transfer authcode.

Domain names without hosting service remain registered until they expire.

Explains how to renew a domain name registered through Tiger Technologies.

You can purchase additional domain names that show the same content as an existing website with Tiger Technologies. We call these extra domain names "domain name aliases".

You can use our control panel to redirect pages of your site to a different address.

You can park your domain name with Tiger Technologies, allowing you to register a domain name now for future use.

Very few of our customers transfer their domain names elsewhere. But if you do ever decide to do that, we want to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

WHOIS expiration dates can be confusing. Make sure you're using the right WHOIS service to avoid inaccurate dates.

The company that runs “.biz” and “.us” domain names calculates expiration dates slightly differently than other registries.