How long does it take before my domain name starts working?

If you order a new domain name with us, it usually takes less than an hour from the time you fill out the order form on our home page, although in rare cases it may take as long as 48 hours. The exact time depends on the domain name registry and other factors not under our control.

If you transfer a domain name from another company to us, the time it takes depends on how quickly the old company releases the domain name to us. Some companies do so immediately, but other companies take up to seven days. In addition to that, changes to the "DNS settings" of an existing website can take up to two days to "propagate" (spread across the entire Internet). If you're transferring a domain name, we suggest allowing up to ten days to make sure you have enough time.

If you're short on time for a transfer, we can help you update the website "DNS settings" at the old company (instead of waiting until the domain name transfer is complete) to make things go much more quickly.

(Note that these times are nothing in particular to do with our company; domain name transfers take this long no matter where you transfer them.)