I'm transferring my service to Tiger Technologies. Can I update the DNS nameservers myself?

When you transfer your hosting service to Tiger Technologies, we normally handle the technical aspect of "updating the DNS nameservers" (doing so "points" the website and email service for your domain name at our servers). You won't usually need to do this yourself.

However, we can only make that change after the domain name has been transferred to our company. In some cases, you may want to update the DNS nameservers yourself:

  • If you prefer that we don't transfer the domain name to Tiger Technologies (you can choose this option on our order form).
  • If your domain name has been registered for less than 60 days and can't yet be transferred.
  • If your domain name isn't one of the normal types we can transfer.
  • If you're a technically advanced user who wants to speed up the Web hosting and email transfer process.

If so, you can update the DNS nameservers at the old domain name registration company.

Don’t do this until your website and email are ready on our servers.

Updating the DNS nameservers immediately points your website and email at our company, so don’t do this until after you’ve:

Be sure to test your website using the temporary URL so you know what people will see when you make it live.

Just use these settings:

Primary DNS Server:ns1.tigertech.net
Secondary DNS Server:ns2.tigertech.net
Third DNS Server:ns3.tigertech.net

If they only ask for two nameservers, it's okay to just tell them the "primary" and "secondary".

Most visitors to your website and people sending you email will start reaching our servers as soon as you make this change, and everyone will be reaching our servers within 72 hours.

Need help?

If you aren't sure how to make these changes at your old domain name registration company, but you're willing to tell us your username and password at that company, we'll be glad to make these changes for you. Just contact us and let us know the details.

Can I use another company's nameservers and have my website with Tiger Technologies?

If your site is using our web servers, we usually recommend that you also use our DNS nameservers.

That’s because unless you pay extra for a dedicated IP address, the IP address associated with your site can change without notice (it’s not a static IP address), which would eventually stop working if you enter it into another company’s nameservers. The IP address won't change often — it might be years from now — but it will almost certainly happen at some point as we add new servers and make other changes to our network.

But if you want to use third-party nameservers even though we don’t recommend it, we do have pages explaining the preferred DNS entries to have us handle your email and/or handle your website.