Can I get Web hosting service without transferring my domain name to Tiger Technologies?

Our Web hosting service includes free or discounted domain name renewal if the domain name is also registered with us. Because of that, most people who transfer their website and email to our company also transfer their domain name registration. (We're an ICANN-accredited registrar, by the way, not just a domain name reseller.)

There are several good reasons to transfer your domain name if you use our Web hosting service:

  • It saves you money every year that you don't have to pay to another company.
  • It allows us to handle the technical side of updating your "DNS nameservers".
  • It's one less thing to remember. We handle the domain name renewal as long as you have hosting service.
  • Dealing with a single company means you won't get "the runaround". You'll never hear us tell you there's a problem with your domain name that's another company's fault.

That said, we know that some people prefer to keep their domain name registration with another company while using our Web hosting service. That's no problem at all: to do that, just choose the option on our order form to keep the domain name itself registered with the current company. (You'll then need to update the DNS nameservers yourself, of course.)