Signing Up

How do I sign up for an account with you?

You can sign up for an account with us on our Web site at

How do I transfer my Web site or domain name to Tiger Technologies?

Explains how to transfer a domain name and/or Web site from another company to Tiger Technologies.

How do I make sure my domain name is ready to transfer to Tiger Technologies?

You should check a few things to make sure your domain name transfer goes smoothly.

Can I transfer a domain name that's about to expire (or has expired)?

It should be possible to transfer a domain name that’s expiring or expired, but we don’t recommend it.

Can I get Web hosting service without transferring my domain name to Tiger Technologies?

You can transfer your Web site to Tiger Technologies without transferring the domain name if you prefer.

I'm transferring my service to Tiger Technologies. Can I update the DNS nameservers myself?

Explains how you can update "DNS nameservers" when you transfer your Web hosting service to Tiger Technologies. (Most customers do not need to do this themselves.)

How do I manage my e-mail during a hosting transfer?

Explains how to make sure you don't miss any e-mail when you transfer a domain name.