How do I make sure my domain name is ready to transfer to Tiger Technologies?

After you sign up to transfer a domain name to us, you’ll need to approve the transfer. You should check these things to make sure the transfer goes smoothly:

  1. Some domain name registration companies “lock” domain names to prevent transfers. Make sure your domain name is unlocked at the old company.
  2. For security reasons, an email message with transfer approval instructions will often be sent to the “administrator” contact address on file at the old company. Make sure the old company has a valid address on file
  3. For most domain names, the instructions will ask the owner to go to a certain page on our website and type a “transfer authorization code” (aka “authcode” or “EPP transfer code”) to approve the transfer. You need to get this code from the old company.

In most cases, you can take care of of these things from the old domain name company’s “control panel”. If you have any trouble, you should contact the other company — they’ll be able to help you.

We have some specific instructions to help you transfer your domain name from these companies: