FTP Publishing

You can use an FTP program to publish ("upload") your Web site files to our servers.

What is FTP? How do I publish my files?

FTP stands for "file transfer protocol", which is a standard method of copying files from your computer to a Web server.

Settings for Common FTP Programs

Screen shots and instructions explaining how to use common FTP programs.

How long does it take for a new or changed Web page to appear? Why don't I see the new page right away?

When you change a Web page, the change takes effect immediately. However, you may need to clear your Web browser's cache to see it.

Why can't I upload files using FTP?

The most common cause of FTP problems is that you have some kind of firewall installed, or you're using a cable or DSL modem that acts like a firewall. Turning on FTP "passive" mode will help.

How do I create additional FTP accounts?

You can create additional FTP accounts, with separate passwords, through the customer control panel.

What if I've forgotten the password to an additional FTP account?

You can reset the password for any additional FTP accounts you have created.

Can I create an FTP account with access to my home directory?

Our servers store your Web site files and your home directory in different places. To access both, you will need to create an extra FTP account.

Do you support SFTP (secure FTP)?

We support SFTP ("secure FTP") and scp for advanced users.

Do you support anonymous FTP?

We don't support anonymous FTP, but you can use your Web site to distribute files instead.

Why doesn’t FTP “SITE CHMOD” let me remove write permission from my own files?

Explains why you can’t use the FTP “SITE CHMOD” command to remove your own write permissions.

Fixing Removed FTP Read Permissions

If you remove “read permissions” from your files or folders using FTP, you may need to use the shell to fix it.