Do you support anonymous FTP?

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Before the World Wide Web was invented, "anonymous FTP" was a popular way to distribute files to people you didn't know. It allowed strangers to connect to your FTP site and download files without a password.

However, FTP accounts are more difficult to use than Web pages, and few people distribute files this way any more. Because of that, we don't support anonymous FTP.

Fortunately, the World Wide Web has created a much simpler way for you to make files available to other people. Just upload the file you want to share to your website, then create a link to it from a Web page.

For example, if you wanted to share a file named, simply upload it to your website and tell people to visit this page:

If you don't want the file to be public, you may wish to put the file in a protected directory and tell the other person the address of the file, instead of creating a public link to it. Or, if you want less privacy, you can allow visitors to view the names of all the files in a directory.

Additional FTP accounts

Remember that if you create additional FTP accounts, you are responsible for what people upload or download using them. Don't create FTP accounts for people you don't know in an effort to duplicate "anonymous FTP" service: that would make it possible for those people to use your disk space to share (possibly illegal) files and run up a large bill.