Can I create an FTP account with access to my home directory?

Our servers store your website directory files and your home directory files in different places.

When you use your default FTP username to login to the website directory with an FTP program, you are restricted to the website directory and the directories below it. That login username will not have access to the home directory.

This greatly improves the security of our servers. It also makes it far easier to publish website files without worrying about using the correct "path", since the default FTP account connects to the place that most users want to see (the website directory).

If you actually want to view the home directory with an FTP program, you can create an extra FTP account configured to point to the home directory.

(Note that this restriction does not apply if you use SFTP. That's because an SFTP connection works differently than FTP — it always starts off in the home directory and has access to all your other directories. You can also use our web file manager to access the home directory.)