What is the path to my Web (html) directory?

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The Web (html) directory is the place on our server where your website files are stored. When you connect using the default FTP account, you are connected to the Web directory.

Unlike some other hosting companies, you don’t need to tell your FTP program to change to a special public_html directory — the top level of your FTP connection is already the right place to put website files. You don’t need to know anything else about the “path” to the directory if you're just using FTP to publish your files.

Installing scripts that need to know the path

If you install any scripts, you may need to know the location (path) of your website files directory on the server’s disk.

To see the path to your Web directory, enter your domain name in the box at the top of this page.

The difference between the website files directory and the home directory

The Web directory is the only directory most of our customers need to use. However, we also provide access to a separate home directory for advanced users who need a secure location for non-Web files. The Web directory is less private than your home directory, because people can view files in the website files directory by simply visiting your website if they know the file name.