How long does it take for a new or changed Web page to appear? Why don't I see the new page right away?

When you change a Web page, the change takes effect immediately. If you don't see the change in your Web browser, it's because your browser has cached the previous version of the page — that is, it's showing you an old page without contacting our Web servers in an effort to speed up your Web browsing experience. This is the normal way Web browsers work, but it causes problems if you're trying to view a page you have just changed.

Other people visiting your site almost certainly aren't having the same problem, and it will eventually solve itself on your computer, too. However, you can also clear your browser's "cache", which will force it to contact the server to get the latest version of the page.

This page explains how to do it for all major Web browsers:'s-Cache

Here is a Web page page that explains the issue in more detail if you're interested: