What is a domain name?

What's a domain name? It's just the official term for the words that appear after the "www" in a website address and after the @ sign in an email address.

For example, tigertech.net, yahoo.com and amazon.com are all domain names. These names are so common that some people simply call them Web addresses.

So why is it important to have your own domain name? Because addresses like www.example.com and address@example.com are easier to remember, more permanent, and more professional than addresses like members.aol.com/~jsmith5871 and jsmith5871@aol.com.

Some Web hosting companies don't let you have your own domain name. Others make you buy it from a separate company, then expect you to understand a myriad of technical details to get it working properly.

Our Web hosting service is different. We don't make you go elsewhere to get your domain name, or force you to pay a separate domain registration fee, or ask you to understand the technical side of running your own domain name. We include the domain name at no extra charge with our Web hosting service; just fill out one non-technical form with us and we'll handle the whole thing.

(Of course, you can also buy a domain name from us to use with another Web hosting company, if you prefer.)