Can I cancel my "domain name only" registration or renewal?

If you purchase or renew a domain name through us without buying our Web hosting service, there’s no way to cancel the resulting domain name registration. You’re the owner of the domain name until it expires. The central domain name registry won’t cancel it or give refunds.

(This isn’t anything unique to our service, by the way. It’s the way all domain name registrations work.)

Because of that, we can’t cancel a domain name or provide a prorated refund if you decide to stop using it. All you can do is wait for it to expire.

Does this apply to Web hosting service too?

Our Web hosting service works differently from “domain name only” service. Web hosting has an ongoing monthly fee rather than a fixed term, and you can cancel it at any time.

If you cancel Web hosting service and keep ownership of the domain name itself, the domain name will then be treated like any other “domain name only” account — it will remain yours until it expires.

If you cancel your Web hosting service and you “abandon” the domain name, we still have no way to delete or cancel them before they expire. What actually happens in that case is that you transfer the ownership to us (we become the “registrant” of the domain name) until it expires or we sell it to another party.