Can I park a domain name?

You can park your domain name with Tiger Technologies, allowing you to register a domain name now for future use. This is a good idea if you know you'll need a certain domain name in the future, but you're not ready to actually use it yet: it makes sure that nobody else can take the domain name in the meantime.

To park a domain name, just sign up for it on our home page as a domain name only account, without entering any DNS name servers. We'll register the domain name for you and put up a temporary Web page telling people you've registered it.

When you're ready to actually use the domain name, just let us know and we can convert it to an active Web hosting account.

If you activate the domain name for Web hosting, we'll even give you a credit for the unused domain registration time you've purchased. For example, if you activate a domain name for Web hosting after parking it for six months, we'll give you a Web hosting credit equal to half the annual domain name registration fee you originally paid.

Of course, until you activate it as a normal Web hosting account, you won't be able to change the appearance of your Web pages, or receive email using your domain name.