How do I read my email using a Web browser?

If you have used your account management control panel to create an email mailbox email address, you can use our Webmail pages to read and send email using a normal Web browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

Using our Webmail system is convenient if you don't want the hassle of setting up an email program to read your mail, or if you're away from your normal computer, or if you’re having trouble with your normal mail program. With Webmail, you can read your mail from any computer that has a Web browser.

Reading and sending email

To read your email with Webmail:

  1. Go to in your Web browser.
  2. Login using your email address and your email password.

You'll see Web pages that allow you to read and send email messages for any email mailbox you've created.

(If you'd like your Web browser to remember your email address and password so you don't need to type it each time, this page will help.)

Multiple Logins

If you want to read multiple email addresses at the same time in different browser tabs, see this page.