How do I login to two different email addresses at the same time using Webmail?

We’re sometimes asked how to use our Webmail system to login and read mail for two or more separate addresses at the same time.

Opening two normal browser windows or tabs that are both for “” won’t do this (they’ll show the same email), but here’s a trick: you can open additional webmail windows or tabs using a slightly different “hostname” for each, and each one will let you view mail for a different email address. Here are some different hostnames you can use for this purpose:

You can open as many as you need (each in a new window or tab), login, then bookmark that page.

Other suggestions

You might also consider setting up a mail program on your computer, your iPhone or iPad mail app, or your Android mail app instead of using webmail. Almost all of those programs can show mail from multiple addresses at the same time.