E-Mail and Webmail Basics

This section covers the basics: it explains the different kinds of e-mail addresses you can create and gives other background information.

How do I receive e-mail messages using my domain name?

Our Web hosting service allows you to receive e-mail messages sent to custom e-mail addresses you create.

How do I read my e-mail using a Web browser?

You can use our Webmail system to read and send e-mail using a normal Web browser.

How do I set up my e-mail program?

Explains exactly how to set up many common e-mail programs, with "screen shot" pictures showing what setting goes where.

I've lost the password for an e-mail mailbox. What should I do?

You can reset an e-mail mailbox password using the account management control panel.

How do I change the password for an e-mail mailbox?

You can change your POP/IMAP mailbox e-mail password using either the Webmail screens or the account management control panel.

How can I verify that my e-mail program settings are correct?

Explains how to verify that the settings are correct for many common e-mail programs.

What is an "e-mail mailbox", "POP mailbox" or "IMAP mailbox"?

A mailbox is an e-mail address that receives e-mail messages and stores them on our servers.

What is an e-mail "forwarding address"?

An e-mail forwarding address simply sends mail to another address. The other address can be a mailbox on our servers or a mailbox on another server.

How do I choose whether to use a mailbox or a forwarding address?

Explains how to choose between an e-mail mailbox or a forwarding address.

How do I set up an incoming e-mail mailbox?

You can create an e-mail mailbox using the "My Account" control panel.

What is the catch-all forwarding address?

The catch-all address is a special kind of forwarding address. It accepts mail sent to any unknown address.

Why doesn't my e-mail work?

If your e-mail has stopped working even though you didn't change anything, this page explains the three most common causes.

How do I change an e-mail address?

This topic explains how to change an e-mail address.

I'm changing my ISP. Do I need to change my e-mail settings or do anything else?

Changing your ISP usually won't affect your Tiger Technologies e-mail accounts. However, there are a few things it's wise to check.

How do I manage my e-mail during a hosting transfer?

Explains how to make sure you don't miss any e-mail when you transfer a domain name.

Why doesn't forwarding to Gmail work when I test it from Gmail?

Gmail will discard any message from and to the same gmail.com address if it goes through another network (including ours).