How do I change the password for an email mailbox?

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There are two ways to change the password for a POP / IMAP / Webmail mailbox: you can use the Webmail screens or the account management control panel.

Remember that email mailboxes can have different passwords than the main account password. In fact, you can have multiple mailboxes, each with a different password. Because of that, changing the password for a mailbox doesn't change the main account password, and vice versa.

Changing the password using Webmail

If you know the current password, you can change it using the Webmail screens. This means that anyone who knows the current password can change it.

  1. Follow these instructions to login to Webmail with the email address you want to change.
  2. Click Settings at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Email Account in the left column.
  4. Click the Change Password button.

Changing the password using the account management control panel

The account owner can use the main account password to change the email password for any mailbox, even if you don't know the current password for the mailbox:

  1. Login to the account management control panel.
  2. Click E-mail Options.
  3. Click Edit for the email address you wish to change.
  4. Type the new password in the appropriate boxes.
  5. Click Save Changes.
After you change the password, you’ll need to type it into any mail programs you use. If you use an iPhone or iPad, or you use the Apple Mail program on a computer, you’ll need to enter it in two different places. Our pages about entering a new password for an iPhone or iPad or entering a new password in Apple Mail will help.

Setting up mailboxes for other people

If you're the account administrator, the easiest way to create mailboxes for other people is to first use the account management control panel to create mailboxes with a temporary password. Then you can tell the users the temporary password, which they can use to login using the Webmail screens and change the password.

Can I change the password for a forwarding address?

If you’ve created a forwarding address (without a matching POP / IMAP / Webmail mailbox), that address won’t have a password associated with it. Instead, you’d need to change the password of the destination address.

For example, if you set up “” to (only) forward to “”, and you want to change the password you use to read that mail, you’d just change the password at Gmail.