I'm changing my ISP. Do I need to change my email settings or do anything else?

Changing your ISP usually won't affect your Tiger Technologies email accounts. However, there are a few things it's wise to check.

If you are only using POP / IMAP / Webmail mailboxes with your Tiger Technologies account, then you probably won't need to change any email program settings when you change ISPs. However, if you are using forwarding aliases that forward to an address that you no longer have access to, you will need to update them.

There is also a small chance that the new ISP may block your outgoing email unless you make sure that your email program uses something called "port 587".

Finally, you'll want to update the contact details on file with us if we currently have an address at your old ISP that no longer works.

Updating forwarding addresses

If you've been forwarding mail to an address provided by your old ISP, at a minimum you'll want to update those forwarding addresses to use an email address that your new ISP has provided. Even better, you may want to switch the forwarding addresses to email mailboxes that don't rely on your ISP at all. Our "Creating Email Mailboxes" page explains how to create mailboxes.

Making sure your email program uses "port 587" to send mail

If you use any mailboxes that you first created in 2005 or earlier, see ISP Mail Blocking to update your email program settings to make sure your new ISP won't block your outgoing mail. (If you created the mailbox after 2005, the instructions we provided already included that setting. If in doubt, the instructions on the page show you how to tell if you're already using the right settings.)

Checking your contact details

If the contact email address we have on file for you is an address at your old ISP, you should update this immediately to make sure we can still contact you (and that you can perform important operations like resetting your account password). Updating Contact Information explains how to check and update your contact details.