What’s new in the 2020 webmail system?

We introduced an improved webmail system in 2020. You’ll find more flexible message composing, the ability to drag-and-drop images and other attachments, a simpler mobile interface, and a generally more modern feel.

The improved system is available at:


If you have any trouble, the old webmail system is also still available for the foreseeable future.

The new pages will try to import your full name, signature, filtering rules and address book contacts from the old system the first time you login, so it should be easy to get started.

The rest of this page answers some questions you might have about the new system.

Why do things look different on a mobile phone compared to a computer or tablet?

On a phone, the new webmail interface shows a stripped-down interface that’s simpler and easier to use on a small screen. It focuses on reading and sending mail, and that’s all. (If you need to change settings like your signature, you can do that on a desktop computer or tablet and the changes will be used by the phone version.)

If you want a slightly better experience using a phone to read email, you can add your email address to the built-in iPhone mail app or Android mail app and use that instead of webmail. The phone’s app is generally a little better integrated into the phone itself, and you get extra features like an icon on the phone’s home screen indicating how many new messages are waiting.

How do I set a signature for my outgoing mail?

To edit or create a signature, do this on a desktop computer or tablet:

  1. Click Settings in the top right
  2. Click Email Account in the left column
  3. Click your email address next to “Identity”
  4. Click the Signature tab

Here’s a screenshot of what this looks like:

screen shot

You can also change the “full name” that others see in the “Properties” tab of that same screen.

How do I show a more compact view?

You can save space and split the window by choosing the more compact “two column” layout on the desktop or tablet version of webmail (this doesn’t affect the phone version, which always uses a fixed, smaller layout):

  1. Click Settings in the top right
  2. Click Mail in the left column
  3. Choose the Two columns layout
  4. Click Save

Here’s a comparison of the two views — the “Three columns” layout looks like this:

Webmail vertical split

And the more compact “Two columns” layout looks like this:

Webmail 2020 Two column view split

Which to use is a matter of personal preference, perhaps depending on whether you have a wide screen or a narrow one.

If you prefer a two column layout that doesn’t have the right side “split” to show both the message list and the message preview, you can click the “zoom” icon (shown circled in green here) to make the message preview full-size:

Webmail 2020 Two column view

If you do that, you can click the “close” icon (shown circled in red above) or press “esc” on your keyboard to return to a full-height message list.

How do I view only unread messages?

A folder that contains unread messages will show a number next to it. Click that number (instead of the folder name) to see only unread messages in that folder:

Webmail show new images

What is the “starred” folder?

When you’re viewing your Inbox, you’ll see that each message has an empty “star” next to it:

Webmail star icon

If you click a message’s star, it marks that message as important. You can later click the “Starred” folder name on the left to see all important (“starred”) messages in your Inbox:

Webmail starred folder list

This is a good way to mark important messages that you need to handle later.

How do I search mail?

You can type any word into the search box at the top of the message list to find messages matching that sender or subject in the folder. On a desktop computer or tablet, it looks like this:

Simple webmail search

If you also want to search the body text of messages, click the advanced search triangle:

Webmail search options

And then you can search the “text” of all messages, like this:

Webmail advanced search

The same “advanced settings” option allows you to search “All Folders”, although that takes longer if you have many of them.

How do I empty the trash?

When you’re viewing the Trash folder on a desktop computer or tablet, a new “empty trash” icon will appear. Clicking that icon will empty the trash:

Webmail empty trash icon

Why doesn't the new webmail screen remember my email address and password?

Because the login screen is at a new address, a web browser that previously "remembered" your email address and password might not automatically fill in those spaces the first time you login to the new system.

When you enter your email address and password once on the new system, the browser should offer to remember it for the future, and you'll be all set. (If you've misplaced your password, our "lost email password" page will help.)

Why do the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers fail to show images even after I click “Show pictures” on a message?

This usually happens when a message sender includes insecure external “http://” image links, instead of secure SSL “https://” links. The Safari and Firefox browsers will show those insecure images, but Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge won’t, because they don’t think it’s secure enough.

Senders should ideally either include the image in the message itself or use secure SSL external images nowadays — but you can’t do much about that other than complain to them about it.

If you need to see images in these messages while using Chrome or Edge, another option is to tell your browser that it’s okay to load non-SSL images in webmail pages when you click “Show pictures”. To do that, click the padlock icon to the left of “webmail.tigertech.net” and choose Site Settings:

Chrome site settings

Then scroll down and change “Insecure content" to Allow:

Chrome allow insecure content

How do I login to read two addresses simultaneously?

We have a separate page explaining how you can read multiple addresses in different browser tabs or windows.