Can I make Mailman use the domain name of an alias?

If you have a domain name alias and you create a Mailman list, the list will use the “main” domain name by default. (The domain name is used as part of the “From” address in list messages, and in the URL of Web pages associated with the list.)

You can easily change this to use the aliased domain name instead:

  1. Go to the management page for your list.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the “General Options” page.
  3. Change the domain name in the “Host name this list uses for email” space.
  4. Change the domain name in the “URL address of Mailman Web page” space, being careful not to alter the other parts of the URL.
  5. Click Submit Your Changes.

If you’d like us to make these changes for you, just let us know.