How do I manage a Mailman mailing list?

After you create a new Mailman mailing list, you can manage the list by going to a special page in your Web browser.

The exact address of the list management page depends on the mailing list name. To get to the correct management page:

You'll see a screen that asks for your Mailman password (that's the password you chose when you created the list). Remember that the Mailman password may be different from your main account management password; see our page explaining how to reset a list password if you have forgotten it.

If you wish, you can bookmark the Mailman list management page: you don't need to go back to the control panel each time.

Confused by the Mailman list management pages?

Many people find parts of the Mailman list management pages confusing (we should mention that we didn't create the Mailman software; it's written by other people, and we sometimes find it confusing, too).

Many of the Mailman options affect extremely esoteric things about how the mail is delivered. The large number of options is part of the reason that technical experts like Mailman, but our recommendation is simply to leave things alone as much as possible; the wizard that creates new lists for you makes sure that the settings are all reasonable by default. Change things only if you need to and really know what you're doing, and contact us if you're not sure.

If you have questions about the Mailman list management pages, or other aspects of Mailman, the Mailman FAQ may help.