How do I create a new "site" in Dreamweaver?

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This page explains how to create a new "site" in Dreamweaver, allowing you to easily publish your files to our servers.

These instructions are based on Dreamweaver CS5.

Adding a new site is simple. Just start the Dreamweaver program on your computer, then follow the instructions below.

1. Start creating the new site.

Dreamweaver's first window shows a list of choices. In the "Create New" column, click Dreamweaver Site...

Dreamweaver welcome screen

2. Name your site and select local folder.

Enter a name for your site. Although the name can be any text you wish, we recommend entering your domain name.

Select the local folder on your computer that will hold your site files.

Dreamweaver site setup screen 1

3. Access the Server information.

Select Servers from the list on the left and then click on the "+" sign

Dreamweaver site setup screen 2

4. Enter your FTP settings.

Enter the following settings on the "How do you connect to your remote server" window:

  • Server Name: your domain name, such as
  • Connect using: FTP
  • FTP address:
  • Username: your domain name, such as
    (the username must be entirely lowercase)
  • Password: your account password
  • Root Directory: (leave blank)
  • Web URL:
    (Or enter if you prefer not to include www.)

The window should look like this:

Dreamweaver site setup screen 3

Enabling passive FTP mode

In many cases, you also need to enable passive FTP mode in Dreamweaver. To enable passive mode, click on More Options and then make sure the box for Use Passive FTP is checked.

Publishing your files

After you've created your site, see this topic to learn how to publish your files.