How do I publish files in Dreamweaver?

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To publish your files in Dreamweaver, you first need to create a Dreamweaver "site". Do that now if you haven't already done so.

When you've created the site, you can publish your Dreamweaver files to our servers by clicking the "put" icon in Dreamweaver:

screen shot

When you click the "put" icon, Dreamweaver may ask you if you want to include dependent files. Choose Yes if so.

Avoiding broken links in Dreamweaver documents

When you edit your web site's HTML files, be sure that you have saved each HTML file to your local hard disk (at least once) before you insert any links to other files, images, or other content (such as ".swf" files). You need to do this so that Dreamweaver can determine the relative path from your HTML file to the other files. If you insert content before saving the HTML, Dreamweaver will not be able to guess the relative path, and will instead insert a full path such as "file:///C:/Desktop/localRootFolder/images/content.htm". This path will not work when the HTML file is uploaded to our server, and the result will be a broken link or empty image.