How do I turn on "passive FTP" mode in Dreamweaver?

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If your computer uses a DSL modem, or is on a corporate network, or has certain other types of network connections, you will need to turn on passive FTP mode in Dreamweaver.

If you're not sure whether you need to turn on passive FTP mode, you should turn it on by default, then turn it off only if you have problems. Turning on passive FTP mode solves most connection problems and usually does no harm, even if you don't actually need it.

To turn on passive FTP mode, start Dreamweaver and follow the instructions below.

1. Choose "Manage Sites".

Click the Site menu and choose Manage Sites:

screen shot

2. Choose your site.

Click the site name you want to view or edit, then click the Edit button:

screen shot

3. Turn on passive FTP.

Make sure that the Advanced tab is selected. In the Category list, click Remote Info. The existing FTP settings will appear.

Check the box marked Use passive FTP. The window should look like this:

screen shot

Click OK to save your changes.

You're finished!

You have enabled passive FTP mode in Dreamweaver, which will solve most connection problems. You can now try publishing your files again.