How do I set up to fetch mail from my IMAP mailbox?

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If you usually use the web page to read your Microsoft mailbox (such as an or address), Microsoft offers a way to “pull in mail” from an IMAP mailbox you have with our company.

Keep in mind that the web pages are completely different from the Microsoft Outlook mail program, despite the similar name.

If you’re using the Microsoft Outlook program on your computer, see our pages describing how to set up the Outlook mail program instead of this page.

We should mention that it’s usually simpler to set up a forwarding address on our servers to forward your incoming mail to your Microsoft address. If you do that, there’s no extra configuration needed on the end, and mail arrives instantly in your Inbox (which isn’t always the case with the “Sync email” option at However, the more comlicated “Sync email” option offers the extra feature of being able to use your IMAP mailbox address to send mail from the web page, which some people want.

The rest of this page explains how to add an existing IMAP mailbox to if you want to do that.

1. Go to the “Sync email” settings

  • Click the “gear” icon in
  • Click View all Outlook settings at the bottom of the settings list
  • Click Sync email

The page should look like this: 'Sync email' screen

2. Choose the option to manually configure account settings

Click Other email accounts under ”Add a connected account”.

You should then see a page with a “Manually configure account settings” box. Check that box, like this:

Other email accounts

Then click OK to see more options.

3. Enter the settings

The settings window appears. Enter this for the settings:

User (make sure this is all lowercase)
Password:your email password
Choose your connection type:IMAP/SMTP connection settings
Incoming (IMAP)
Incoming mail port:143
Outgoing (SMTP)
Outgoing server port:587

It's correct for the first three boxes to all contain your email address. The “Accept untrusted certificates” and “Use different username and password to send email” checkboxes should not be checked.

The window should look like this:

Type your email address

Click OK to save the settings.

4. Setup is complete

You’re finished!

Setting the outgoing address

When you compose a new email message in, you can click on the word “From” to choose the address to send the message from.

You can change the default From address it picks by returning to the “Sync email” settings and changing the option under “Set default From address”.

Incoming mail delays with

The servers will check for new email in your mailbox every 15-30 minutes or so. There's no way to make it check more often (this is a limitation of, so there may be a delay before you see mail arrive there.

You can avoid that delay by also adding a forwarding address in our “My Account” control panel — doing that will immediately forward any incoming mail to your Microsoft address. This avoids the delay, although new mail may then show up in both sections of your pages. You can avoid the duplicates by choosing “SMTP send-only connection settings” instead of “IMAP/SMTP connection settings” when setting up the account, but that makes it less clear which address an email message was originally sent to, because every message only shows up in your Microsoft address Inbox section. There’s no perfect solution to this, unfortunately.