How do I make my mail program leave a copy of my messages on the server?

If you use the POP3 protocol to read mail sent to an email mailbox, most programs (such as Outlook) will delete the messages from our mail servers as soon as you read them. This means you can't later use Webmail or another mail program to view the same messages on our servers.

This may be what's happening if some messages are being deleted unexpectedly from your Inbox before you see them. For example, when you check your mail from several devices, you might notice that sometimes messages don't appear on all of the devices. If one of the devices deletes messages from the server immediately, other devices that check mail after that won't see those new messages.

It's probably a better idea to set your mail program to leave a copy of the messages on our servers for a few days after it retrieves them. That way, you can view your messages another way if you delete them from your mail program by accident or have other mail program problems.

We have specific pages showing how to set various programs to leave messages on the server. Note that you don't need to follow these instructions if you use IMAP to read mail instead of POP3; IMAP always leaves messages on the server.