Generic FTP Settings

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The Settings for Common FTP Programs page shows specific settings to use with a number of programs. If your FTP program isn’t listed there, the instructions below should work for any FTP program.

FTP settings

Every Web hosting account includes a “default” FTP account you can use to publish your files. This account is preconfigured to connect you directly to the right place on our server when you’re publishing website files.

To use the default account to publish files to the top level of your website, enter the following settings in your FTP program:

FTP Server
Login or Username:(your domain name) (all lowercase)
Password:(your account password)
Path, Directory or Folder:leave blank or use a single forward slash like /
Passive or PASV mode:enabled
Port Number:21

Having trouble with the server name?

Some programs may require you to specify the server hostname in the form of a URL instead. If “” doesn’t work by itself, try entering it like this:

Having trouble with the path?

If you have an FTP program that doesn’t allow the path/directory/folder to be left blank, you can use / — a single forward slash — for that setting. Either one connects you to the top level of your Web directory.