Microsoft FrontPage

This section explains how to use Microsoft FrontPage to manage your Web site.

Is Microsoft FrontPage still supported?

We no longer support Microsoft FrontPage. Customers who use FrontPage should switch to a different program.

Can I use Microsoft FrontPage?

We no longer recommend Microsoft FrontPage, a software program used to design and publish Web sites.

How do I activate FrontPage Server Extensions?

You can activate FrontPage Server Extensions using the account management control panel.

How do I disable FrontPage Server Extensions?

You can also disable FrontPage Server Extensions using the account management control panel.

How do I publish (upload) my files using FrontPage?

Explains how to publish (upload) your Web site files using FrontPage.

How do I solve FrontPage publishing problems?

If you have trouble publishing with FrontPage, try disabling and reactivating the FrontPage Server Extensions.

Why shouldn't I use FTP if I'm using Microsoft FrontPage?

Microsoft FrontPage users should not use FTP to publish Web site files.

How do I change my FrontPage password?

You can change your FrontPage password using a Web browser.

How do I copy FrontPage files from the Web server to my computer?

If you have a computer crash and you lose your own copy of the FrontPage files, you can copy them from the server back to your computer.

How do I force FrontPage to publish all files?

If FrontPage isn't publishing all the files of your site, this article will help.

Why is the FrontPage "Server" menu item dimmed?

You need to connect directly to the FrontPage server to use some items in the FrontPage Tools menu.

Can I use FrontPage Express?

Although you can use FrontPage Express, the program is not the same as the standard FrontPage software.

Why shouldn't I use Java applets for navigation on my site?

We don't recommend using Java applets (including "hover buttons") as navigation buttons on your Web site.