How do I view or edit Dreamweaver's "site" settings?

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If you have already defined a "site" in Dreamweaver and you need to view the existing FTP settings, or change the settings to work with our servers, this page will help.

Just start Dreamweaver and follow the instructions below.

1. Choose "Manage Sites".

Click the Site menu and choose Manage Sites:

screen shot

2. Choose your site.

Click the site name you want to view or edit, then click the Edit button or pencil icon.

3. Access the Server information.

Select Servers from the list on the left, select the server for the site, and click the Edit button or pencil icon. The existing FTP settings will appear.

4. Edit the FTP settings.

To work with our servers, make sure the settings are as shown.

  • Server Name:
  • Connect Using: FTP
  • FTP Address:
  • Username: your domain name, such as
  • Password: enter your account password
  • Root directory: leave this space blank to publish files to the top level of your website
  • Web URL: the URL address of your website, such as
  • The "Use passive FTP" checkbox should almost always be checked. (However, it may be necessary to uncheck this box if your computer has a very unusual network setup; if in doubt, check the box here and uncheck it only if your connection doesn't work.)

The window should look like this:

screen shot

Click Save to save the new settings.

Publishing your files

After you've entered the correct settings for our servers, see this topic to learn how to publish your files.