Do you delete unread email?

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We never delete any mail automatically.

The only time an email message will be deleted is when:

  • You intentionally delete mail using your mail program; or
  • Your mail program sends an automatic “delete” command to our servers because it’s configured to delete messages from the server after downloading them (perhaps after a certain number of days have passed); or
  • Your hosting account is closed.

However, if you have more than 10,000 unread messages in a mailbox, we may archive them into a “tar.gz” file to prevent mail server performance problems.

If this happens, we’ll replace the unread messages with a “placeholder” email message explaining what happened. If you want to view the archived messages later, just let us know and we can expand them back into your mailbox.

When we say “more than 10,000 unread messages”, we don’t mean that you actually have to read a message with your eyes. Simply logging in using Webmail, or making a successful POP or IMAP mail connection from your computer’s mail program to our servers, marks all waiting mail as “read” and prevents it from being archived, whether or not you actually read it.

This policy controls the size of abandoned mailboxes while making sure we don’t permanently delete a message you might want. Most ISPs have a much more restrictive policy — for example, Comcast deletes unread mail more than 45 days old, and AOL deletes unread messages more than 28 days old.

For experts: Restoring messages yourself

If you’re comfortable with the command-line shell, you can restore the messages yourself.

To see the exact commands to use, enter your email address at the top of this page.