How do your Web hosting prices compare to other companies?

Tiger Technologies offers great pricing for Web hosting. Our Web hosting plans include plenty of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, at least 100 e-mail mailboxes, free domain name (automatically renewed every year), and free WHOIS privacy (to hide your personal contact details from spammers).

Other companies may advertise lower prices, but those prices usually don't include everything you really need, or they require you to sign up for many years of service (usually with no refund available if you decide to move your Web site!).

Also be sure to check out our reliability and our 90-day money-back guarantee.

Here is a comparison of our pricing and other top companies, showing the annual prices to get:

  • A Web site and domain name (with WHOIS privacy)
  • At least 5 e-mail addresses (with at least 1 GB of e-mail storage space per e-mail address, or at least 5 GB e-mail space total)
  • The ability to host at least 10 additional domain names

We also have great pricing on standalone domain names.

Company Base price Domain name ICANN fee WHOIS privacy E-mail Other Total (Annual) Total (Monthly)
Tiger Technologies $119.40
Included Included Included Included N/A $119.40 $9.95
GoDaddy (first year) $83.88*
Included $0.18 $7.99 $239.40** $23.88** $355.33 $29.61
GoDaddy (renewal) $119.88
$14.99 $0.18 $9.99 $299.40** $23.88** $468.32 $39.03
Network Solutions $119.50*
Included Included $9.99 Included N/A $129.49 $10.79 $119.50*
Included Included $11.00 Included N/A $130.50 $10.88
iPower (first year) $59.40*
Included Included $9.99 Only 500 MB*** $12.95*** $82.34 $6.86
iPower (renewal) $143.40
$16.99 Included $9.99 Only 500 MB*** $12.95*** $183.33 $15.28
DreamHost (first year) $119.40
Included Included Included Included N/A $119.40 $9.95
DreamHost (renewal) $119.40
$13.95 Included Included Included N/A $133.35 $11.11
HostGator (first year) $107.40*
$12.95 Included $12.95 Included $19.95**** $153.25 $12.77
HostGator (renewal) $143.40
$15.00 Included $12.95 Included $19.95**** $191.30 $15.94

* Company offers a promotional discount for the first year of hosting (new customers), which may be discontinued at any point and which is not valid for renewals. Also, the cheapest price listed may require signing up for 2 or more years, rather than just 1 year.

** GoDaddy charges at least $3.99 per month per e-mail user and $1.99 per month for automated backups.

*** iPower charges $12.95 for backups. Each mailbox can only store up to 500 MB of mail; additional storage costs at least $9.95 per mailbox per year.

**** HostGator charges $19.95 annually for backups.

***** Aabaco (Yahoo) will not let you add an SSL certificate to your Web site, does not support hosting more than one domain per account, and does not support IMAP access for e-mail.

Prices are current as of August 1, 2016.