Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac

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This page explains how to set up the Microsoft Outlook 2016 e-mail program on macOS for an IMAP mailbox that you've created.

(Looking for instructions for Outlook 2016 on a Windows computer? See our Outlook 2016 for Windows page instead. We also have separate instructions for the older Outlook 2011 on macOS.)

Before you continue, you should enter your e-mail address (the address you want to set up in Outlook) in the box above. Entering your e-mail address makes sure that the instructions below are correct.

To set up Outlook 2016, make sure the Outlook program is running, then follow the instructions below.

1. Add a new account

Click the Tools menu at the top of the screen, then choose Accounts.

Click the + button and choose Other Email.

Other Email

The “Enter your account information” window appears.

2. Type your e-mail address

In the account window, type your e-mail address:

Enter your account information

Then switch to the password box, and the settings display will expand.

3. Enter your account details

Enter your e-mail account details, using the following values:

  • E-mail address: your e-mail address (must be all lowercase)
  • Password: your e-mail password
  • User name: your e-mail address (must be all lowercase)
  • Type: IMAP
  • Incoming server:
  • Check Use SSL to connect (recommended) (under “Incoming server”)
  • Port (under “Incoming server”): 993
  • Outgoing server:
  • Check Use SSL to connect (recommended) (under “Outgoing server”)
  • Port (under “Incoming server”): 465

Your resulting window should look like this:

Enter your account information expanded

Click the Add Account button.

4. Enter a description and real name

In the final settings box, give the account a “description” match your e-mail address, then type your real name:

  • Account description:
  • Full name: enter your full name, such as Steve Jobs

Your settings window should now look something like this:

Account settings

You can now close the settings window.

Setup is complete

You're finished! Try sending yourself a test e-mail message to make sure it works.

Do some people see duplicate images in messages you send?

Outlook for Mac has a bug that can cause duplicated images, unfortunately. It’s not caused by a problem on your computer, or our servers.