Transmit FTP

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This page explains how to set up the Transmit FTP program to publish files to your website.

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Using Transmit

Launch Transmit, then type the following information into the Connect window:

  • Server:
  • User Name (all lowercase): your domain name
  • Password: your account password
  • Initial Path: <leave blank>
  • Port: 21
  • Protocol: FTP

Then click Connect to open a connection to your website.

The files on the left side of the window are the files on your computer, and the files on right side are the files on the server. You can publish files to the server by dragging them from the left side to the right.

Having trouble connecting?

We've had reports that Transmit allows you to accidentally type (or paste) an invisible "carriage return" character into boxes such as the "Server". If that happens, the connection will fail.

If you see an error saying that Transmit can't connect to, press the Tab key on your keyboard several times until the "Server" box is highlighted, then press the backspace key to delete everything (including any invisible characters). After doing that, retype, being careful not to use the "Return" or "Enter" keys on your keyboard at all.