Mozilla Thunderbird

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This page explains how to set up the free Mozilla Thunderbird email program to send and receive email for a mailbox that you've created. Setting up email accounts hosted on our servers is very easy because we support Thunderbird "auto-config". This will setup your mailbox for IMAP access with secure (encrypted) connections.

(If you want to setup the mailbox for POP access or unencrypted connections, you should instead follow the instructions for manual setup of Thunderbird.)

You can download Thunderbird for Windows, macOS, or Linux from the Mozilla Thunderbird site.

These instructions and screen shots are taken from Thunderbird for macOS, although other versions are similar. They have been tested and verified with version 91 of Thunderbird.

Important: Before you continue, you should enter your email address (the address you want to set up in Thunderbird) in the box above. Entering your email address makes sure that the instructions below are correct.

Setting up Thunderbird

Follow the instructions below to set up Thunderbird.

1. Start the Thunderbird program

Start Thunderbird. If no mail accounts are already defined, the "Mail Account Setup" window will automatically open, and you can skip ahead to step 3. Otherwise, click Thunderbird, then Account Settings from the menu bar.

Mozilla Thunderbird screenshot 1

2. Start the "Add Account" wizard

Click Account Actions and then Add Mail Account (in the bottom left of the "Account Settings" window) to create a new email account.

Mozilla Thunderbird screenshot Add Mail Account

3. Enter your name and login details

“Your full name” is the name that other people will see when you send them email. It should usually be your real name, such as John Smith or Joan of Arc. Enter the name you want other people to see when you send them email.

Then type your email address. The address must be the email address of the mailbox you created in your account management control panel.

Enter the password for the email address and check Remember password, then click Continue.

Set up your email address

Thunderbird will try to contact our mail server to get the correct settings.

4. Review your account information

Verify that your settings look like this:


This should match the screen shot below:

Configuration found at email provider

If the suggested settings Thunderbird shows are different, you should configure Thunderbird manually instead.

If they look the same as this, click Done. Doing so will close the “Mail Account Setup” window and return you to the “Account Settings” window. Then click Finish to close the “Account Settings” window.

Setup is complete

You’re finished! Try sending yourself a test email message to make sure it works.