How do I verify the settings in Mozilla Thunderbird?

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If you’ve already set up an email account in the Mozilla Thunderbird program and you want to make sure the settings are correct, this page explains how to do so.

1. Start the Thunderbird program.

If the Thunderbird program isn’t already running, start it now.

2. Open the “Accounts Settings” window.

In Thunderbird, click Tools, then Account Settings from the menu bar.

Tip: Don’t see the “Tools” menu?

If you can’t see the Tools menu at all, it’s probably been hidden. This page explains how to show it.

screen shot

The “Account Settings” window appears.

3. Verify the incoming “Server Settings”.

Highlight “Server Settings” in the left-hand column for the email account you would like to verify. The window should look like this:

screen shot

Review the settings in this window, and make changes where necessary:

  • Server Type: IMAP Mail Server (this value cannot be edited)
  • Server Name:
  • Port: 143
  • User Name: (must be all lowercase)

In the “Security Settings” section:

  • Connection security: STARTTLS
  • Authentication method: Normal password

4. Select the “Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings” window.

First, make sure that “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” is highlighted in the left-hand column (it may be at the bottom of a long list). Then, select your email account in the list in the main part of the window (to the left of the “Add” and “Edit” buttons):

screen shot

Click the Edit button and the “SMTP Server” window will appear.

5. Verify the “SMTP Server” settings.

The window should look like this:

SMTP Server settings

Verify these settings for outgoing email:

  • Description: (your email address)
  • Server Name:
  • Port: 587

In the “Security and Authentication” section:

  • Connection security: STARTTLS
  • Authentication method: Normal password
  • User Name: (your email address)

Click OK to save the changes. This closes the “SMTP Server” window.

6. Close the “Accounts Settings” window.

When all of the settings are correct, click OK to close the Account Settings window.

After you have verified that the email account is properly setup, send yourself a test message (from the same address).