Can I make the AWStats reports available to other people?

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You probably already know that it's easy to view your AWStats website statistics by clicking a link in the account management control panel.

However, customers also occasionally ask us if it's possible to make the same statistics available to other people who don't have administrative access to your account. The answer is yes — customers can do this using a simple script, as explained below.

If the information on this page doesn't make sense to you, we can do it for you; see the final section of this page.

Setting up a script

The technique is simple: you'll create a tiny script on your website, protecting it using our normal website password protection if you want to make sure strangers can't see it. The script just performs a couple of lines of setup, then runs the AWStats program we already have installed.

That may sound a little odd, but you get the benefits of using the AWStats software we've already installed and configured (and which we continue to maintain), combined with the benefits of being able to put your script anywhere and protect it however you wish.

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A disclaimer

We should probably mention that the technique described on this page only works as a side-effect of the fact that we already have the AWStats software installed and configured on all our Web servers. If we ever stop using AWStats for some reason (for example, if the authors of AWStats no longer updated it and a different statistics program became popular), this technique will probably no longer work.

On the other hand, we currently have no plans to stop using AWStats, and we'd try to give you at least 90 days notice before we change it. So it should be safe to use for now; just keep in mind that (as with most software) you might eventually have to make changes or switch to something else.

Need help?

If the instructions above don't make sense, or you have trouble with them, we'll be glad to set up a public AWStats directory for you at no charge. Just contact us and we'll have it working within one business day or less.

Be sure to mention your domain name when you contact us. Also, unless you specify otherwise, we'll put the directory at