Using Custom Scripts

Information about custom scripts — including PHP and Perl scripts — and how to use them.

Custom scripts are programs that add interactive features to your website.

We support scripts written in the Perl and PHP programming languages, as well as some "compiled" scripts created for the Linux operating system.

How to install and configure custom scripts.

CGI scripts are automatically enabled for all accounts. You can install and use CGI scripts at any time without prior permission (except for email scripts).

Explains how to connect to MySQL databases from PHP and CGI scripts (and even from other computers, in some cases).

We unfortunately do not support Microsoft ASP or .NET scripts.

We provide a hit counter script that you can add to your Web page.

We provide the FormMail script preinstalled for our customers, allowing you to collect information from your website visitors and have it sent to you by email.

We strongly recommend against using unmoderated guestbooks on your website.