Can I use Microsoft ASP or .NET scripts?

We unfortunately do not support Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages) or .NET scripts. Proper support of ASP and .NET requires Microsoft Windows-based Web servers, but like the majority of Web hosting companies, we use Unix-based servers.

But aren’t there Unix solutions that make ASP or .NET work?

There are some available, but we’ve tried them and they don’t work as well as the standard Windows versions. We don’t want to encourage people to use an inferior solution; if you really need support for ASP or .NET, it’s best to use a hosting company that runs Microsoft Windows servers. About a third of Web hosting companies offer Windows servers, usually for a small extra fee.

Are there any alternatives?

We support the PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby (but not including Ruby On Rails) scripting languages. These languages are widely used and work with both Windows and Unix servers. If you’re starting a new project, you’ll find that using these languages provides you with far greater flexibility to choose almost any Web hosting company.

Of course, we recognize that if you have any non-trivial existing ASP or .NET scripts you need to use, you’re unlikely to want to rewrite them. In that case, you’ll probably want to choose a hosting company that offers Windows servers. (We currently have no plans to offer Windows servers in the future.)