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If you own a portable BlackBerry Internet device, you can use it to read email. There are two ways to make email appear on your BlackBerry:

  • If you only need to read (not send) mail on your BlackBerry, you can simply forward messages to your BlackBerry's email address.
  • If you want to send mail from your BlackBerry, you should use the BlackBerry service to "integrate" a POP mailbox that you've created.

The sections below explain more.

Forwarding messages to your BlackBerry

This is the simplest method. Use this method if you need to read mail on your BlackBerry, but you don't need to send outgoing mail from your custom mailbox address on the BlackBerry.

Your BlackBerry service provider will have given you an email address that you can use to send messages to your BlackBerry. This address often (but not always) ends with (If you don't know your address, contact your BlackBerry provider, which is probably your cell phone company.)

When you know the address, simply set up a forwarding address in our control panel to forward messages to the BlackBerry address. That's all it takes.

Integrating a POP mailbox with your BlackBerry

If you need to send outgoing mail from your custom mailbox address on the BlackBerry, forwarding messages won't be sufficient. Instead, you'll need to first create a POP mailbox on our servers for the address you want to use, then tell your BlackBerry to read the POP mailbox messages. The BlackBerry documentation refers to this as "integrating a POP mailbox".

If you also use another mail program to read your mail, such as Outlook or Outlook Express, you must tell that program to "leave mail on the server" after the program reads it. If you don't do that, the program may delete the messages before the BlackBerry service can read them. Before continuing, make sure that you've set all other mail programs you use to leave a copy of your email messages on the server for a short time (a day should be sufficient).

To learn how to integrate the mailbox, you should read the BlackBerry support page. That page lists the "Account Integration Requirements" (our service meets these requirements), then explains "How To Integrate an Email Account" and "Provide Additional Information". You'll need to do both of those steps.

Here's what to enter when the BlackBerry screens ask you for certain information:

  • E-mail address: the address of the POP mailbox you created on our servers
  • Password: the email password you chose when creating the mailbox (remember that this password is not necessarily the same as your master account password)
  • User name: this is simply the email address
  • Server name:
  • Server type: choose POP or POP3 (we don't currently recommend "IMAP" because the BlackBerry IMAP implementation did not work well in our testing)
  • Use SSL: you can enable this option if you wish (it improves security, but can make troubleshooting more difficult if you have any problems)

After doing this, you should see a message saying something like "Your email account has been successfully set up", and mail should start arriving on your BlackBerry within about 15 minutes.

Not seeing your mail right away?

If you use the "Integrating a POP mailbox" method, the BlackBerry only checks for new mail intermittently. That means new mail can take from 15 minutes to an hour to show up. This is just the way the BlackBerry is designed, unfortunately, and not something we can control.

Choosing the "Forwarding messages to your BlackBerry" method instead will make the messages arrive almost instantly.