How do I change the hostnames that an SSL certificate works with?

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When you first request a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate in our control panel, you choose which “hostnames” it works with.

The default hostnames are “” and “”, and you can include more if you need them. For example, you might also add “” or “” on the signup form.

If you need to add more hostnames to the certificate after it’s been issued, though, you’ll need to open a ticket and ask us to add them. We will obtain and install a new certificate for your site within one business day.

Limitations on reissuing certificates

The Let’s Encrypt project only allows five certificate changes per week. Each time you ask us to add one or more hostnames, that counts as a change. Because of that, you should tell us all your additions at once, and we can only make one change per business day.

Maximum number of hostnames

We support up to 20 hostnames per free certificate. If you need more than that, you would need to switch to a paid wildcard AlphaSSL certificate.