Can I use SSL (secure server) pages?

You can use SSL security for your Web site on our servers. Doing so allows you to display secure, encrypted pages to your visitors.

To use SSL security on your Web site, you need an “SSL certificate”. We offer free SSL certificates for most sites.

What is an SSL certificate, and how do I get one?

Explains how to get an SSL certificate for your site.

Why does my browser say my SSL page is only "partially secure"?

If you include URLs to non-secure images in a secure Web page, your browser may warn you that the page is only “partially secure” or “partially encrypted”.

How do I make sure that all connections to my Web site use SSL?

Explains how to make sure that all connections to your Web site are secure.

How do I change the hostnames that an SSL certificate works with?

Explains how to add new hostnames to an SSL certificate.

Will using SSL improve my search engine rankings?

Search engines may give a slight ranking boost to SSL sites, but that probably shouldn’t be the main reason to do it.

Will my secure site pass credit card PCI compliance scans?

Tips to help you pass a credit card PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards scan, or similar security scan.

Why does Chrome say my SSL certificate “does not have public audit records”?

It’s normal to see a message saying that an SSL certificate “does not have public audit records”.

Can I use a “seal” on my SSL pages?

If you buy an “AlphaSSL” certificate, you can add a graphic “seal” to your SSL page to indicate that it’s secure.